About Us

Gertrude Grocer Carlton and Kensington has rapidly built a loyal following and community of trendy and savvy grocery shoppers.

Both venues have been craftily designed and transformed into a loving home for many local and imported continental delicacies as well as locally sourced fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood and meats, fresh bakery, and flowers, plants and greenery.

Founded by a group of hospitality owners who drew on their hospitality experience and relationships with their suppliers, Gertrude Grocer is now your 'home away from home'. 

Our endearing grocers continues to evolve over time, mixing a great range in fine continental offering along with local and organic artisan producers. We pride ourselves in introducing new and exciting brands and offers to our customers.

 Enter our little worlds of European-inspired food, drinks and friendly customer service.

 We hope you shop with us again soon.